Bariatric Surgery Success

Bariatric Surgery Success

#133 Bariatric-Friendly Foods that Fill You Up not Out

March 08, 2023

Did you just have lunch? Are you still hungry? Have you noticed you’re hungry a lot lately and don’t feel satisfied? It’s true that some foods make you feel more full than others and this feeling of fullness is called satiety. How about some bariatric-friendly foods that will help you fill up, but not fill you out?

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Recipe and podcast mentioned in episode:

Mediterranean salmon cakes

EP 127 Can you really eat carbs?

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Why are you still hungry after a meal when you feel like you should be satisfied? Our wonderful bodies can be complicated and several factors can affect your hunger. The type of foods you select definitely affect how satisfied you feel and they also play another role in the production of hormones that affect hunger. In fact, the macronutrients protein and carbs affect the production of neurotransmitters or brain chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin that then affect appetite.

This episode covers:

Obesity as a disease

Ghrelin and leptin hormones and appetite

GLP-1 drugs: Wegovy and Ozempic

Foods that fill you up

What do to now