Bariatric Surgery Success

Bariatric Surgery Success

#132 15 Bariatric-Friendly Carbs: Bariatric Nutrition Q & A

February 22, 2023

Do you have concern, maybe even fear about eating carbs after bariatric surgery? You don’t want to regain weight from all of your hard work. Grab your digital note pad. You’ll want to add these 15 tasty bariatric-friendly carbs to your meals.

Podcast Guests: 

Bariatric Dietitian Isabel Maples, RD

Bariatric Coordinator

UVA Health in Haymarket, Virginia


Gayle Brazzi Smith MS, RDN, CSOWM, LDN

Registered & Licensed Dietitian

Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery Institute

Orlando, FL



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How to cut a mango:

Oh those carbs…the macro you love to hate. Actually we love carbs. Well, let me be a little pickier than that. We love smart carbs, those carbohydrates that are high in fiber and nutrition and low in sugar. In fact, if you missed it, go back and listen to episode #127

Episode #127:

Can you really eat carbs?

Gayle, Isabel and I answer a lot of your questions. We share why you can eat them, and why it’s important to have carbs in your diet.

Today, we’re getting even more specific and sharing 15 of our favorite carbs and how to prep or use them in your meals. Remember, we want to focus on smart carbs which are high in fiber and nutrition, and low in sugar.

15 carbs we discuss:

  1. spaghetti squash noodles
  2. plant based high protein pasta
  3. spiralized noodles or zoodles
  4. flatbread pizza
  5. mushrooms
  6. oatmeal
  7. bulgar wheat
  8. freekah
  9. ground flaxseed
  10. wheat germ
  11. white navy beans
  12. black beans
  13. Esquites
  14. medjool dates
  15. mango