Bariatric Surgery Success

Bariatric Surgery Success

#121 Fast Forward: Life Two Years after Bariatric Surgery

November 09, 2022

Have you wondered what life will look like two or more years down the road from your bariatric surgery? Maybe you’re there now, and wonder if others at the two year mark deal with the same things you do. Rob joins me on the Bariatric Surgery Success podcast to share what life is like two plus years down the track and what he faced along the way. It’s very insightful.

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Guest Contact:

Rob’s Instagram:

Rob is joining me today from New Jersey. We connected on Instagram where he openly shares his life since surgery almost two 1/2 years ago now. His posts let you see what he deals with day-to-day and how he’s handling it. 

Questions we discuss:

Would you briefly share your back story, especially what was going on in your life that led you to have surgery over two years ago?

First, how did you feel when you heard that? What concerns did you have about undergoing weight loss surgery?

Did you have family and/or friend support?

During the getting-ready for surgery stage- what was difficult? What helped?

Fast forwarding…the dreaded scale. What has been your relationship with the scale since surgery? Is there a disconnect between what you see in the mirror and what you know from scale and clothes? 

Let’s talk about some of your non-scale weightlifting and other sports

Rob, you’re a teacher. People look to you for all types of things. Talk about how surgery has affected others at school, both students and faculty, as they have watched your journey.

Tell us how life is different today than two years ago…what does Rob’s day look like now?

Rob, those are huge non-scale victories. So, how do you deal with down day…one that is just not working for you and what do you say to everyone listening when they are feeling like a failure?

What are your health goals now and are they any challenges you still face that you want to conquer?