Bariatric Surgery Success

Bariatric Surgery Success

#105 Is Ghee Bariatric Friendly?

July 13, 2022

As you transition back to real food after bariatric surgery, should ghee be your fat of choice? Is it bariatric friendly? Let’s compare it to butter.

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I’d like to give a shout out this week to Sonia who said: "Thank you Dr. Mitchell, your podcasts are priceless. I'm learning so much about having the right mindset for a successful bariatric surgery.”

Sonia, so happy to hear the podcast is helping you prepare for your surgery. I always believe that knowledge is power. 

Have you heard of ghee? It’s been popular for many years in the culinary word of the Middle East and India. But what is it? Ghee is cow’s milk butter heated at a low temperature of around 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius, until the water all evaporates and leaves behind milk solids.These solids are then skimmed or strained leaving a clarified liquid fat known as ghee.

In Science 101 of the podcast, let's talk about:

  1. the nutritional profile of ghee compared to butter
  2. is ghee dairy free?
  3. is the lactose a problem if you need to be lactose-free?
  4. smoke point for cooking as compared to butter or clarified butter
  5. bottom line