Bariatric Surgery Success

Bariatric Surgery Success

#101 From Size 26 to Size 4, Christina Shares Her Incredible Bariatric Surgery Transformation

June 08, 2022

Christina said to me: “I’ve lost 147 pounds, down from my highest weight of 290. Surgery has transformed my life in so many ways.” In this episode of Bariatric Surgery Success, Christian doesn't hold back and shares her emotional and empowering story with us. Be sure and listen thru till the end as she has a lot to say as wrap up.

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Christina is one of the members of my Facebook group. From 290 pounds at 5 feet 2 inches plus diabetes and high blood pressure, Christina is now under 150 pounds. She joins me today to tell her story that started as an overweight child and obese adolescent but has a remarkable ending.

Some of her story includes:

  1. her obesity as a child and adolescent and how that affected her
  2. what made her decide to have weight loss surgery
  3. did she lose weight before surgery?
  4. why did she go to Mexico for surgery?
  5. what she feels is the difference between motivation and commitment for success long term
  6. setting boundaries in relationships
  7. what's next for her

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