Bariatric Surgery Success

Bariatric Surgery Success

#100 Bariatric Mental Health Q & A #9: Your Questions Answered

June 01, 2022

This comment was part of a discussion in my facebook group: “I had bariatric surgery and now my food issues have become alcohol issues.” Well, this happens and it’s called transfer addiction. Psychologist Dr. Connie Stapleton, who specializes in bariatric surgery, is with me to explain transfer addiction, how you can prevent it and what to do if it happens. 

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Podcast episode #30: Bariatric Surgery and Alcohol Buzz: What You Need to Know

Transfer addiction is a term most people even medical professionals have never heard of so let’s dive right in and start with the basics and then get a lot of your questions answered by Dr. Connie including:

  1. What exactly what is transfer addiction?
  2. How common is transfer addiction after weight loss surgery?
  3. Is the transfer addiction to alcohol common and what are some of the other common transfer addictions to know about?
  4. What makes a person more susceptible to transfer addiction?
  5. What can I do to prevent this from happening?
  6. What do I do if I realize there is a problem now?
  7. Takeaways to know.

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