Bariatric Surgery Success

Bariatric Surgery Success

New Year's Resolutions: Bust or Benefit?

December 27, 2017

Do you feel like you blink and it’s another New Year? Have you thought about the New Year and what you want to accomplish? Do you have dreams that you hope come true? I do. Do you set goals or resolutions with a plan of action or do you wait and see where life takes you? A new year is the time for a fresh start with a clean slate…your motivation’s high and anything seems possible…right?

Did you know that over 40% of people make new year’s resolutions yet 80% of those resolutions fail within 3 months? Why is that? Can we do better? Or are we going about it the wrong way?

Maybe you think about making resolutions and your ‘but’ gets in the way. No, not your b-u-t-t…butt...not your booty.  I’m talking about the ‘b-u-t’ but that keeps you stuck in your rut and prevents you from moving ahead, reaching your goals and making your dreams come true. You know the ‘but’…you would like to take that yoga class ‘but’ or you really need to get more sleep ‘but’ or you know you should eat healthier ‘but’ it never seems to happen.

Joining me on the podcast from Australia is resident psychologist on Australia’s The Biggest Loser: Transformed, Glenn Mackintosh. Glenn is back to help you kick the ‘but’ out of your life and make sure your New Year’s resolutions are beneficial… not a bust.

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