Bariatric Surgery Success

Bariatric Surgery Success

How Relationships Change after Bariatric Surgery

September 13, 2017

Have you lost weight and find that the reactions from your family, friends and …even strangers have changed? Lately there’s been conversation in our Facebook Group… Bariatric Surgery Eating… about personal relationships and how they’re affected by significant weight loss. Have you experienced this too? Perhaps this is something that’s worth thinking about before bariatric surgery. Let’s find out in this podcast.

Joining me via Skype from the Gold Coast of Australia is registered health psychologist Linda Valmadre. Founder of Bariatric Psychology Services she’s a member of the Australian Psychological Society with 12 years of experience working across a broad range of issues including complex trauma and domestic violence. Linda has a special interest in bariatric psychology to support her clients with relevant strategies to help them achieve and maintain their healthy weight goals for life.

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