Bariatric Surgery Success

Bariatric Surgery Success

#147 How to Find the Added Sugars in your Food

September 20, 2023

Ok, what do you think? How many teaspoons of sugar does the average soda contain? What’s your guess? Try 8-12 teaspoons of sugar per soda. Shocking isn’t it? Just for the heck of it, grab your sugar bowl and a teaspoon. Measure out 8-12 teaspoons. Can you believe that one average soda has that pile of sugar in it? I want to share with you how to find all the added sugars in your food.

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Freebie: I developed a tip sheet to help you find the added sugars in your food using some of the tips we talk about today. Here’s the link for you to grab your free copy

Did you know that added sugars are basically empty calories? What the heck is an empty calorie? It means that the sugar provides you only calories and zero…zilch when it comes to providing any nutrition benefit to the maintenance of the body. Typically, added sugars are used as flavor enhancers and preservatives. And, don’t miss this…their carbohydrate-dense nature makes them a trigger for dumping syndrome.

Topics covered in this episode:

Science 101 of carb basics

Added sugars versus naturally occurring sugars

Glucose use in the body/brain

How to read the Nutrition Facts label

Ingredient list, what to look for

How to convert grams of sugar to teaspoons

Many names for sugar