Bariatric Surgery Success

Bariatric Surgery Success

#145 Amplify Your WLS Journey with Seven Mindfulness Strategies

August 23, 2023

What are you doing right now? Are you looking thru the cabinets for something to snack on? Are you really hungry or is food your response to today’s stress, sadness or boredom? Mindless eating can really get you off track. Instead, let’s amplify your bariatric surgery journey with doable mindfulness strategies.

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Here's your freebie. I developed a tip sheet to help you remember these mindfulness strategies we talk about today. 

Do you ever come home and eat the first thing you see in the fridge? I want you to stop a second and ask yourself these questions. Answer yourself honestly. Ready?

"Am I aware of what I reach for and eat? And how much I eat?”

"Do I multitask (watch TV, scroll thru my phone, or work) while I eat?"

"Do I eat fast?" "How long does it take me to finish a meal?"

"Do I feel satisfied after my meal?"

After bariatric surgery, you are working so hard to eat well and develop a healthy lifestyle. You’re reaching for good tasting, nutritious food that nourishes both your mind and body. But mindless eating can derail all of your best nutrition efforts.

Instead of mindless eating I want you to amplify the success of your journey. How? By learning and practicing the opposite of mindless eating which if mindful eating or mindfulness.

Mindfulness means to be present in the moment, aware of your surroundings and the food you eat. This method focuses more on how you engage in eating (such as how fast you eat, appreciation of your food, your personal responses to hunger). In other words, it's making conscious decisions about eating instead of eating because you're stressed, mad, sad or bored. Also, it’s NOT about willpower but rather listening to your body telling you when it's hungry and full.

Let's talk about how to use these seven tips:

  1. Practice mindfulness when you're not eating.
  2. Look at your food.
  3. Eat more slowly.
  4. Enjoy your meal or snack distraction free.
  5. Listen to your cues.
  6. Find your satiety.
  7. Organize a mindful kitchen.