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Between Two Amys

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First Annual Roast of Amy!
December 13, 2019

It's Amy Cotney's birthday week! To celebrate, we brought in those closest to her to give her a fun, friendly, and unforgettable roast! Listen in to hear all the unforgettable stories that Amy would rather stay forgotten!

Christmas in a Backpack, Backpack International, and Conversations on Giving Back!
December 05, 2019

Want to do something meaningful with the family or even your business this Christmas season? Oslyn Grant Rodriguez aka Backpack International Inc., talks about how you and your loved ones can make a difference! December 21st 9-12 Oslyn Grant Rodriguez is

Safety Tips with Students!
November 15, 2019

This week we take a dive into a serious and very important topic. With recent events around Auburn and all over the nation, we wanted to take the time to bring awareness to personal safety when out and about by oneself! Mclelland, Marisa, and Claire give

Recession, Renting, Realtors, and other R words with Drew Goodner!
November 01, 2019

Have questions about credit scores and how they *TRULY* affect your chances at buying a house? Young and confused about where to even begin with the whole process? Our guest this week, Drew Goodner, dives into loan discussion, answering the questions we A

VSCO Girls in a VSCO World!
October 25, 2019

Forget Barbie! Today, girls (and some E-boys) just wanna be basic and sip on their Crystal Light from their sticker-covered Hydroflasks! Confused? HAHAHA thought so!!! Listen to this weeks episode of #betweentwoamys to get the inside scoop on scrunchies,

Between Two Amy's Podcast: "Following Your Passion" : An Interview with Bradley Roberston
October 07, 2019

On today's podcast, we take an in-depth dive in the wine with writer/blogger Bradley Robertson. Bradley writes for George's Journal, a blog sharing her story, along with the stories of many other people in the community. This podcast is all about finding

Between Two Amy's Podcast: The Yoga Room!
September 22, 2019

Namaste, corspse pose, and wine!!! Oh my! Loved chatting with The Yoga Room this week! WE talk juice cleanse, 30 for 30 and some sort of sanskrit stuff....which we probably misspelled! 

Between Two Amy's Podcast: Golf cart community in downtown Auburn ? Whaaaaat?!
September 12, 2019

Check out this podcast for inside news on developments of The Arbors, with Andrew Palmer!

Between Two Amy's Podcast: Gettin' Juicy with Chloe Covin (Livewell Juice Co.)
April 01, 2019

We sit down and talk to Chloe Covin, about LIvewell Juice Co. about how juice can improve health, cure hangovers, and make you happy!

Taylor Jones and The Tiny Closet!
March 18, 2019

 How did she do it? The tiny Taylor Jones has built her not so tiny empire into something special by utilizing her amazing marketing skills on social media. Learn more about how this 24 year old grew her brand using Instagram, Facebook, and a pink sc