The Better Outcomes Show

The Better Outcomes Show

117: The Complex World of Medicare & Medicare Advantage

February 28, 2024

Do you understand the complex medicare & medicare advantage markets?

As someone who’s worked in healthcare for 12+ years, in varying roles with each of the stakeholder categories (payer, patient, policy maker, and provider), I understand that the healthcare insurance market itself is very complex. The medicare & medicare advantage market provides its own unique complexity that makes it a challenge for patients, providers, and even healthcare technology companies to navigate.

So, this week, I sit down with Marvin Musick from Medicare School to talk about the ins and outs of the medicare insurance market, to include supplements, advantage plans, and the original red, white, and blue cards.


What we cover in this Episode:

  • The differences between medicare & medicare advantage plans
  • How medicare advantage plans manage care for patients
  • Varying incentives and priorities that drive many advantage plans & networks
  • Understanding the value drivers for various stakeholders in this market
  • I give a few thoughts on value propositions for healthcare technology companies looking to break into this market
  • Achieving Better Outcomes by understanding the intricacies of the medicare market


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