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The Better Life Better Work Show

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47K Mofos: Stop Wasting Your Freedom with Invisibility
November 03, 2019

  Are you hiding? Is your invisibility holding you back? Transcript from Live Video Recording:  What’s up, people? Allison Crow, your favorite life coach.  $47,000, bitches. I want to tell you a story, and this is for you… This is about visibility.

Unfiltered Riff On Both/And
October 27, 2019

Can you have grace for a wide range of views or do your heels dig in causing stress and misery. This is an unfiltered riff on Both/And – expansion and range in our thinking and being. Transcript: Hey, Hey. Allison Crow,

Empowered Personality – Purpose and Profit
October 20, 2019

How your empowered personality is connected to your purpose and profit. Transcript: This is episode number 68 of the Better Life, Better Work Show. And I am thinking through some new concepts or new revelations today that I want to talk with you about....

Marketing for the Magic Misfits
October 13, 2019

  Today I want to talk to the misfits- is that you?  Are you the type of person that when you are asked what you do or what problem you solve for your clients you freeze? You just aren’t quite sure how to answer that because your magic doesn’t fit into...

How to Feel Your Feelings – Emotional Processing with Kristen Kosinski
October 06, 2019

  We know that it’s important to process emotions vs. shove them down or explode them out! Most of us have not been taught how to actually feel our feelings.  This week Super Soulie and Certified Professional Coach Kristen Kosinski shares with us the v...

Your Spiritual and Emotional P&L
September 29, 2019

  Hey soulful people, this is episode number 65 of the Better Life Better Work Show. Today, because you are soulful and because you want to create success for your soulfull life and work, we are going to be talking about the Spiritual and Emotional P&L...

3 Questions for Powerful Self Reflection
September 22, 2019

  Three powerful questions for self-reflection. I have three questions to help you with what I’m calling “power up” today. I had an interesting experience. This week, I have recommitted to my practice of meditation and meditating on my pouf without any...

Why Breathe Y’all is a Soulie Mantra
September 15, 2019

  In this episode, I am sharing why “Breathe Y’all” is a Soulie Mantra and why you might want to take it on yourself.    Hey, hey. This is episode number 63. Hey there, soulful people. Good to be with you again today. So today,

A Journal Entry on BEcoming
September 08, 2019

  A journal entry on becoming. This is episode number 62, and I’m in quite a bit of a reflective space this morning. It’s the first week of September. Hello, listeners. Hello, new listeners. If you’re new, let me know. Send me a message,

Denise Ackerman: It’s Never Too Late To Live Your Dream
September 01, 2019

This story will inspire you! It is never too late to live your dream!  Are you living an extraordinary life? According to this week’s podcast guest, Super Soulie @coachDeni, we have the chance to do this every day. The way she does this?