Be the Light Podcast with, Maria Kammerer

Be the Light Podcast with, Maria Kammerer

#13- Max Raphael: The Spirit of Sound Healing

July 15, 2019

Max Raphael is owner and founder of True Resonance, a wellness company
with the mission of helping people attune to an authentic sense of
well-being that inspires greater harmony and purpose in everyday life.

Among other modalities, Max offers private and group sessions of
singing bowl sound healing, which he discovered and studied with
master teachers while living abroad in Asia. Through this practice of
relaxation, he merges his professional experience as a sound engineer
with his passion for the healing arts.

In this episode, Max shares his journey with sound, Reiki, tea
ceremony and deep listening. Then we honor the sound that needs to come
forth with a gentle guide back to the core of ourselves.

Max edits and co-produces this podcast and has donated one of his
recordings for our theme music.

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