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Love Yourself And Get Down
May 19, 2020

Love Yourself And Get Down Dave and Shereece are hit by a tornado this week…and his name is The Mad Chattaa. We get down to his brand new song ‘Lethal Injection’ and get to grips with his message of self-love. Ofcourse, it wouldn’t be BGL if we didn’t ch

Rainbow Families
May 12, 2020

The Rainbow Families Episode In celebration of the International Day of the Family, we celebrate LGBT+ parents! Dave and Shereece talk about adoption laws in the UK and around the world. They also talk about their own journeys and ask the question “Do I w

Starts and Stripes
May 05, 2020

Stars and Stripes Dave and Shereece celebrate everything American (well not quite everything!) in this special US episode. They are joined by presenter, writer, actor and editor James Kleinmann to hear what lockdown in the US is really like. Twitter      

The Big Announcement
April 28, 2020

The Big Announcement Finally Dave and Sheerece share the big news...and it’s exciting. They also chat RPDR secret celebrity, life in lock down and loads more. They are joined by Actor and writer Greg Ashton, with a surprise visit from a certain Welsh wash

Netflix and Pup
April 21, 2020

Netflix and Pup Dave and Shereece have been watching way to much Netflix and talk turns to all their top shows, dangers of dating apps during coronavirus and of course RPDR.  They are joined by Mr.Pup UK 2017 and host of upcoming Prowler European Porn Awa

Queer Box – The Film and TV Episode
April 14, 2020

Queer Box – The Film and TV Episode Dave and Shereece are still on  about ‘The Tiger King’ , torn with RPDR and hopeful for the postponed Muslim Pride. They are joined by comedian and film expert , Brogan Thomas and fitness and dance guru Ricky Boon. Why

Survival and Your Fitness with Timmy Essex
April 07, 2020

We are in Lockdown week three and still going strong. Shereece has some top Netflix tips and Dave got caught out on Houseparty! They are joined by influencer, fitness model and star of ‘Celebs Go Dating’ Timmy Essex. Timmy shares how fitness saved his lif

Best Gay Life Indoors: Happy Trans Visibility Day
March 31, 2020

Best Gay Life Indoors Everything’s changed but Dave and Shereece are determined to keep on going. They talk Corona virus, social distancing and how to survive the lockdown. They are joined by TV personality, activist and performer, Asifa Lahore. We find o

Pageant Queens and Mr Gay England
March 24, 2020

Pageant Queens and Mr Gay England Dave puts Shereece to the test with a series of real pageant queen questions. Will she be the next little Miss Lewisham? They are joined by Steven Lewis Barrett, who has just made it through to the finals of Mr Gay Englan

The Big Gay Divorce Episode
March 10, 2020

Dave and Shereece are joined by BGL’s relationship and dating expert, Keye Tortice-Lunn. Welcome to the first wives club! They talk bad dates, RuPaul’s Drag Race scandals and coronavirus. Why not reach out to us! Twitter     &nbsp