Best BBQ Show

Best BBQ Show

#127 Elliott Moss

November 04, 2019

If you haven't heard of Buxton Hall you're going to want to go after this episode. The food, the beer and the vibe is so good I have had thoughts of moving to Asheville just to be near Elliott's restaurant. Plus there's more than 50 breweries in the downtown area of Asheville.

I first met Elliott at a special event in Houston where everyone was cooking to raise money for B's Cracklin in Atlanta. B's had a fire and the dinner was to raise money for the staff while the restaurant was rebuilt. Elliott spent the whole day cooking a hog and hanging out with the Texas BBQ family.

I hope you enjoy this interview. I know I can't wait to hang out with Elliott again and y'all need to go to his restaurant because the food and desserts are wholesome, classy and delicious. Thanks for listening!