Best BBQ Show

Best BBQ Show

#124 How Sustainable is Beef?

October 15, 2019

Dr. Sara Place works for the National Cattlemans Beef Association. She studies sustainability and keeps a benchmark at where the industry is at.

She studies sustainable management of livestock production systems focusing on researching opportunities to improve the economic, social, and environmental facets of livestock production in concert.

You can read many of her articles on cattle, sustainability and the climate. Follow her on Twitter @drsplace. If you want the true story on beef and the environment, you’ll love this episode.

We even talk about quantifiable low stress environments for cattle and how to manage a herd in the gentlest way. One of the terms is animal “husbandry”.

I even learned one out of seven ranchers is from Texas. So cool. She teaches at universities to dietitians, restaurant owners, chefs, small businesses, butchers and picks the best brains across the country in the cattle industry.

There's a reason I never waste a bite of BBQ. Dr. Place is the ultimate defender of meat and the environment. She epitomizes the respect that people of the beef industry have for every animal. So enjoy this episode with Dr. Sara Place.