Best BBQ Show

Best BBQ Show

#117 Bryan Butler of Salt and Time

August 26, 2019

If you haven't made friends with your local butcher you're doing yourself a disservice. Nothing makes me happier than talking to the person who has personally cut the steak or the piece of meat you're taking home for dinner. Bryan Butler is one of only six butchers in America to be part of the World Butcher Challenge. He breaks down whole, half and quarter animals every day to pack his case every day.

We sit down at Salt and Time to talk all about his life as a butcher and the information you don't get when you go to your big retail supermarket. His knowledge is endless and I promise he won't be a stranger to the show. I want more butchering information like this as I'm sure you do. Let me know if you liked the episode and who else might be a good candidate for the show.

Thanks for listening. As always, find us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @bestbarbecue and you can follow Bryan @austin_bryan. Also, follow his restaurant and shop @saltandtime.

Until next week, go eat some meat!