Best BBQ Show

Best BBQ Show

#112 Convenience West BBQ

July 08, 2019

Marfa. A small town with a few thousand residents. It used to be an attraction for art or lights or sometimes pizza. Now the locals have a few more options for food. The BBQ options in Marfa have grown substantially. The people responsible? Mark, Kaki, and Katy Rose of Convenience West BBQ.

I got to hang out with the Convenience West crew on a quick trip I took to west Texas with @thegoodolboy Joey Garcia. We drove out there and hopped between Marfa and Marathon at least 3 times on the trip. If you’ve never been to west Texas it’s more spread out than most parts of texas. Everything is 30 minutes but most of the time if you’re leaving town it’s worth the drive. Marfa and Marathon are also just north of Big Bend National Park which is the only National Park in Texas. Tourist and travelers come through all these west Texas towns every day and if they stop at Convenience West BBQ they will enjoy a sweet surprise.

The diversity of locals and travelers paints a beautiful pictures at Convenience West. In the 3 hours I was there we saw a guy in a yellow jumpsuit, some hippy locals and families that look like they could be from any suburb. I’ve been to Marfa many times and you have to plan your days well. If you don’t know where you’re eating dinner, you might end up eating at the Stripes gas station.

There was a lot of thought that went into this restaurant. As locals, Mark, Kaki and Katie Rose wanted to make sure they put thought into their restaurant. They knew the eyes of the entire town would be on them. When a new restaurant opens in Marfa, everyone goes to eat there. The style of the building and the way they set it up is perfect for this sleepy west Texas town. They even have vintage American Airlines silverware that gives their place a unique look. They built a BBQ joint that even the locals can go to every day they’re open.

All I have to say is if you find yourself in Marfa on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday you’re making a good choice by going to Convenience West BBQ. Mark & Kaki Scott and Katie Rose Elsasser have a large menu with a ton of choices. They are a hard working trio and they all work the fires, the line and the kitchen. Of all the places I’ve eaten, there’s few I would put in a category with Convenience West BBQ. Their hard work and love of the cue shines. I am honored to meet them and looking forward to my next visit.


Enjoy this conversation and expect a lot more coverage of this growing west Texas BBQ scene.