Conversations with the Best Minds in Real Estate

Conversations with the Best Minds in Real Estate

Best Minds Special Presentation: Real Estate Enterprise Strategy – Telling both the Big Stories and the Small Stories

November 22, 2021
Part of our monthly round-up webinar series regarding real estate market trends

Each month Senior RCLCO consultants share the latest insights on the real estate market as part of our monthly round-up webinar series.

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During this November 2021 installment, in addition to answering your live questions, Managing Directors Charles A. Hewlett and Eric Willett discussed how they think about the integration of the “big stories” (market-wide macro-trends) and the “small stories” (company-specific nuances and competitive advantages) in crafting innovative portfolio and organizational strategies. The conversation addressed:

  • The big stories and macro-trends that every real estate company needs to be embracing
  • The ways in which successful enterprises mobilize to take advantage of unique internal strengths
  • How thoughtful strategic planning processes have created transformative differentiation at the intersection of macro- and micro-trends