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Creannotators #82: “Tuki” & “Bone” with creator Jeff Smith!

May 03, 2022

This week on Creannotators, I’m talking Tuki and Bone with living legend Jeff Smith! We talk remixing Jeff’s current project Tuki, exploring human pre-history, the cancellation of Netflix Bone, and what’s next in Boneville.

On Comic Book Herald’s ‘Creannotators’ I’ll be interviewing some of my favorite creators in comics about specific runs, graphic novels or series, looking for their insights on the inspirations behind the work and ideas or hidden material readers may have missed. Creannotators is an audio annotative guide to enjoying the intricacies and thinking in the art. Thanks for listening, and enjoy the comics!

Tuki Is:

Writer/Artist: Jeff Smith

Publisher: Cartoon Books

Pre-Order for “Fight For Family”

About the Artist:

Jeff Smith is the creator of BoneRASL, and writer/artist of Shazam and the Monster Society of Evil.


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