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Hickmania #2: Pax Romana (W/ Chris Eddleman & Robert Secundus)

February 15, 2022

Hello and welcome to Comic Book Herald’s Hickmania, a series running through 2022 where we’ll be reading and analyzing the creator-owned works of writer Jonathan Hickman, from his debut The Nightly News through to his most recent output. We’ll be reading one creator-owned work a month through 2022, and each month I’ll release a new analysis with a new guest discussing the comic!

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Today we’re talking Pax Romanaand I’m joined by Chris Eddleman and Robert Secundus of ComicsXF. We’ll analyze the work in depth, so expect spoilers! Topics today include:

  • How does the time traveling religious crusade and society building in Pax Romana hold up almost 15 years later?
  • How does Hickman incorporate science fiction and alternate history elements into the comic?
  • Do we wish Pax Romana had run for more than four issues so the world could have been explored in more detail?
  • How does the shaping of societies compare to Hickman’s work on X-Men in House of X / Powers of X.
  • How effective is the use of text conversations to convey larger ideas in the comic?

“Pax Romana’ takes place in a future when Islam has overrun Western Europe and monotheism is on the wane in the East and the West,” Jonathan Hickman told CBR News. “There’s a breakthrough. They discover time travel in a scientific lab that’s secretly funded by the Vatican. The pope sends a private army back in time to conquer the world and maintain the dominance of Catholicism.”

Pax Romana is:

Everything: Jonathan Hickman

Publisher: Image

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