Ben & Dave Save The World!

Ben & Dave Save The World!

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Episode 8: Assange, Socrates & AI?
July 01, 2019

Ben & Dave are back with a conversation fuelled by Oyster Bay's Sparkling Rose blend (link below/sponsor plz), covering the following:  Alpha1 beating IBM's supercomputer at one of the world's most complicated games Closed loops and robot overlords Did S.

Episode 7: The Music Podcast! Feat. Jack O'Connell
June 04, 2019

Ben & Dave are back from a hiatus with an episode that delves deep into the depths of everyone's favourite post-break-up snack food.... music!   This episode features our first guest, incredible musician, guitarist, vocalist, sensitive soul and bicycle o.

Episode 6: George Pell and the Golden Fleece(ing)
March 20, 2019

In fair Verona, our heroes Ben & Dave cover a butcher’s buffet of topics, including; The Convicting and sentencing of the highest ever Vatican official to be charged with sex crimes Donald Trump’s handling of the nuclear arms crisis with North Korea .

Episode 5: Goddam Baby Boomers
January 29, 2019

In this edgy episode, Ben and Dave let rip on a variety of issues...ugh...including;   - Dave lays down his argument for the most selfish generation in recent history - Ben asks whether all religions are the same kind of 'good' - Our star-crossed arguers.

Episode 4: A Sort-Of / Very Contrarian Christmas
December 23, 2018

You probably shouldn't listen to this...   This month we cover:  Dave's numerous holidays (with his mother), free speech and the myths of Christmas.    So many factual errors that it would be embarrassing to even address.  Have a very John Mclean Christm.

Episode 3: Halloween Special!
November 06, 2018

Episode 3 is here! The Ben & Dave Save The World ultra spooky (:/) Halloween special covers a veritable salad bowl of topics, from Japan's Princess' marriage to a commoner, Ben's fiery Berlin NYE, Jamal Khashoggi and the nefarious practice known as gerry.

Episode 2: Gummy Sharks & Accusations
October 28, 2018

Will Donald Trump run again? What's the big deal with Elizabeth Warren's ancestry? Stories of catamarans and gummy shark bites, tips on how to survive a plane crash & what it means to accuse someone of something...all in this weeks rambling chat.  Show n.

Episode 1: Zero Sum Game
October 22, 2018

In our very first episode, we cover a range of topics from Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump, the state of Immigration and Nicole Kidman's acting chops...and we offer our rambling opinions that no - one asked for. Welcome to Ben & Dave Save The World!