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Summer 2021: Dealers Make an Impact
June 10, 2021

Ashley Burch, AIADA's Senior Manager of Grassroots & Advocacy, joins today's episode to talk advocacy, action, and how dealers can make this a summer of impact in Washington, D.C. She shares important information about the exciting advocacy and social ...

Breaking Down the Walls of Dealer Involvement
May 17, 2021

Howard Hakes, AIADA's 2019 Chairman and the current Chairman of AFIT-PAC, joins this episode of Beltway Talk to discuss the importance of dealer engagement. Hakes has long been at the forefront of state and federal issues that impact the livelihood of ...

Pandemic Performance Fuels Investor Interest in Dealerships
May 02, 2021

Erin Kerrigan, Managing Director of Kerrigan Advisors, the leading sell-side advisor to auto dealers in the U.S. joins BeltwayTalk to discuss the disruption year of 2020, it's impact on the dealership buy-sell market,

How Toyota Turned Dealers into Digital Storytellers
April 11, 2021

Rebecca Steele, Director of Emerging Technology Policy at Toyota North America, oversees digital advocacy for the automaker. In today's episode she discusses how she was able to help Toyota pivot to an all-digital advocacy force in 2020 and how she pla...

Charlie Chesbrough’s Spring Sales Round Up
March 23, 2021

In today's episode, Cox Automotive’s Charlie Chesbrough offers listeners an overview of the 1st quarter of 2021, and some idea of what the rest of the year holds for the auto retail industry. Charlie touches on what he sees happening in the EV market,

Hyundai's Rob Hood on Policy, Innovation, and the Opportunities of 2021
February 23, 2021

Rob Hood, Hyundai's Vice President of Government Affairs, joins Beltway Talk to discuss his background as a Washington veteran and what he brings to his position with Hyundai. With over 30 years of experience across the government and private sectors,

Connecting with Dealership Customers in a Contactless World
February 08, 2021

Ross Tinkham, Director of OEM Sales and Business Development at AIADA Affinity Partner Podium, joins the Beltway Talk podcast to discuss how dealers can connect with customers in a contactless business world.

Get with the Dealer Visit Program
January 28, 2021

Ashley Burch, AIADA’s Senior Manager of Grassroots and Advocacy, joins the first Beltway Talk podcast of 2021 to talk about how dealers can get involved through AIADA’s Dealer Visit Program this year. Burch walks dealers through the process,

Charlie Chesbrough’s End-of-Year Sales Round Up
December 09, 2020

Cox Automotive’s Charlie Chesbrough calls in to give listeners an overview of 2020’s auto sales and a peek at what lies ahead. He touches on a number of subjects, including his concerns for the 1st quarter of 2021,

The Year That Was
November 30, 2020

AIADA chairman Jason Courter takes a look back at 2020 and his year at the helm of the association. In a period filled with challenges, Courter chooses to focus on the resilience of dealers. He discusses what it was like to watch the COVID-19 epidemic...