Believe & Speak

Believe & Speak

Episode 02

January 08, 2020

What to expect each week:
Since we’re just getting started with this podcast, I thought I’d review the three-part format of Believe & Speak:


Each week, I list the scripture reference right here in the show notes. Feel free to look it up in your Bible, and review it to help seal its truth in your heart and mind.
You’ll find the declaration each week on the featured image—which is suitable for sharing. I encourage you to capture and save the image so that it can serve as a prompt, reminding you to declare the powerful phrase it contains.
Your tongue has power! When you declare your value and significance—as spelled out in the weekly declarations on this podcast—you can reprogram your brain with positive thoughts. As you align your thoughts with truth, you become equipped to reject lies about your true identity. And as you speak out the truth, you change the atmosphere with the power of your tongue.
As I mentioned in last week’s episode, I hope to pray WITH you at the end of each episode. I invite you to agree with me in prayer by speaking out your own requests to God, rather than passively having me pray FOR you. Engage in prayer with me. Remember, your tongue has power!
This week's scripture:
John 15:9–17 NIV