Believe & Speak

Believe & Speak

Episode 223

April 03, 2024

Are you facing a huge challenge or concern that seems insurmountable? What if you could somehow make your problem smaller, shrink it down to a manageable size? Is that even possible?

A baseball looks big compared to a golf ball but small compared to a basketball, right? And a basketball looks miniscule compared to planet earth. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Listen to this podcast for two takeaways from two Bible verses to help make your problems smaller.

I’ll read from Isaiah for wisdom about how to keep problems in proper perspective.

Here’s the link to an illustration that you can save to your desktop or print out to help you stay focused on the fact that God is bigger than your biggest challenge:

Gaze-and-Glance.png (1910×1072) (

This week’s scripture: Isaiah 26:3-4