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Beliefs Archives: Celebrant of Atheism & Humanism Susan Jacoby
March 28, 2021

This week on Beliefs, we return to a conversation with one of our favorite guests, scholar and writer Susan Jacoby.Secularism and atheism finds a full-throated defense in this episode. Jacoby takes u

Beliefs Archives: Protest and arrest - Rabbi Rachel Timoner on faith, reparations, protest, and justice
June 19, 2020

From Our Archives:We revisit a conversation from our first season with the Rabbi of Congregation Beth Elohim. She describes the clarity she feels from what she calls the unfinished business of Ameri

Quitting Liberty: Dr. Christopher A. House
June 12, 2020

Speaker, Pastor and Scholar Dr. Christopher A. House resigned from Liberty University recently in protest of President Jerry Falwell Jrsdeleted tweet featuring both blackface and KKK characters.To

Black Voices Matter: with Jemar Tisby, Pastor Tyler Burns, and guest host national reporter Adelle Banks
June 05, 2020

Writer and historian Jemar Tisby, Pastor Tyler Burns of New Dimensions Christian Center in Pensacola, Florida co-host the podcast Pass The Mic for their organization The Witness - A Black Christian Collective.  We gratefully thank Religion News Service r.

The call for congregation
May 29, 2020

The steady call to reopen churchesamplified by Presidentialencouragement-is thrilling to some and alarming others.How do we return to worship when the act ofgroup singing, chanting, and prayi

Al & Andi Tauber: Street ministry into song
May 22, 2020

A ministry of song and service, with devotion to the most invisible among us.The husband and wifesinger-songwritingteam ofAl and Andi Tauber, Urban Mennonites:Theyseek andvalue the simple li

The ritual of remains.
May 15, 2020

We all have Beliefs on where our soul goes upon death.What remains is just that remains.How do wehonorthe vessel that held the person we used to know?From earth to water, and even to the sky,

America leans in to faith
May 08, 2020

To understand who we are,and what our numbers signify,we turn to the math, to thestaticians.Someamong us combine psychology, algebra, opinion, and faithto read the rivers of American opinion

Progressive faith and politics
April 30, 2020

For decades,the political influence offaithhas beenseen in the mightand the dominanceof theReligious Right.A new book from Religion News Servicepolitical correspondent Jack Jenkinscalled

The Strength of Self: James Croft and the Ethical Society of St. Louis
April 24, 2020

Houses of worship across the world are adaptingto the challenges of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Keeping congregants feeling tied to their faith, themselves, and one another has been a challenge