Divorce Stories Podcast | Real Divorce Answers from a Real Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Stories Podcast | Real Divorce Answers from a Real Divorce Lawyer

Latest Episodes

I Thought We Were Happy. What Happened? – Episode 12
September 17, 2020

I thought we were happy.  What happened? What leads to a marriage completely falling apart?  In this episode, I’ll share what happened with a client many years ago, and what I believe to be the reason why some marriages just seem to fall apart with no ...

How Do You Know Your Spouse is Cheating (and what to do next) – Episode 11
September 10, 2020

This definitely comes as one of our juicier topics, but it comes up all the time. How do you know your spouse is cheating, and what steps can you take when you find out? In this episode you’ll get some obvious signs and some not-so-obvious signs that y...

How To Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce – Episode 10
September 03, 2020

This week we tackle the really difficult question of: How to tell your spouse you want a divorce. While there’s no perfect way to do this, I’m going to share some tips on how to do it in this episode.  These tips come from more than 2 decades of handli...

Dating During a Divorce, Is It Okay? – Episode 9
August 27, 2020

It is okay to date during your divorce?  That’s the question we tackle this week. To answer this, we’re going to look at both the legal and practical sides of the question, as well as the implications of dating during a divorce.

Divorce Mediation Questions Answered – Episode 8
August 20, 2020

In this week’s episode, I dive more into mediation with answers to some questions we received. Can I change my divorce mediation agreement after it’s settled? Can my spouse exclude child support from my mediation agreement?

4 Options for Going Through a Divorce – Episode 7
August 13, 2020

In this week’s episode we dive into 4 options for pursuing a divorce.  This topic came from the question; I don’t want a knock-down, dragged out case.  What are my options? Here are the 4 options I’ll cover, along with the pros and cons of each.

The Cost of Hiring the Wrong Divorce Lawyer – Episode 6
August 06, 2020

What can happen if you choose the wrong divorce lawyer for your case?  That’s the general theme we dive into for Episode 6.  Each answer showcases the downside to hiring the wrong lawyer. What is a general practice lawyer?

Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer For You – Episode 5
July 30, 2020

This episode is all about finding the right divorce lawyer and most importantly, finding the right lawyer for YOU.  I’ve put together 7 tips to finding the right lawyer in this episode. Choose a lawyer that focuses solely on divorce Find a lawyer in cl...

Episode 4 – Can my spouse refuse my divorce?
July 23, 2020

We’re moving along with topics surrounding the beginning of the divorce process which can be a challenge for many. In this episode, we’ll tackle the questions of: Can my spouse refuse my divorce in New York? I’m about to get divorced.

Episode 3 – When is it time to end my marriage?
July 16, 2020

Making the decision to move forward with a divorce is a huge step and one that many people need help arriving at one way or the other. In this episode, we’ll tackle the question of: When is it time to end my marriage?