Behind Social by Kontentino

Behind Social by Kontentino

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Rock your social media strategy - part 2
November 13, 2019

Join us for a second episode about setting your social media strategy the right way. Don't forget to listen to the first part!

Rock your social media strategy - part 1
November 11, 2019

Do you have a social media strategy in place? Not having a clear strategy often means missing out on seeing any results from your marketing efforts. Join us for our first episode about social media strategy and how to set it. Learn more on Kontentino Blo.

Social media trends for 2019
October 09, 2019

Wondering whether you followed all of the social media trends for 2019? Well, here's your last chance to look back at your marketing efforts and incorporate some last-minute changes before the end of the year! Learn more on Kontentino Blog