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A Flat Earth Awakening
February 17, 2021

Join Flat Earth Dave Weiss and myself for an amazing 90 minutes of down to (flat)earth conversation and see if you dont have flat earth awakening! I hadnt looked into Flat Earth until a few days before recording this podcast, which Ive been doing n

BeHigherBeings Podcast #005 with guest Jill Ogle
October 05, 2020

Welcome to the BeHigherBeings Podcast with Jill Ogle from Sacred Rebels! Join us for just under an hour of a heart to heart, authentic conversation between two life coaches! About Jill: Jill is a devoted student of self development and consciousness. Sh

BeHigherBeings Podcast Episode #004 With Guest Tommy Bonner
January 23, 2019

Tommy Bonner is an entrepreneur from Texas that built a million dollar landscaping company out of the trunk of his car at 20 years old and that was just the beginning! He has since started many other businesses, including his successful bar, Bier Haus in

BeHigherBeings Podcast Episode #003 with guest Dave Warden
January 22, 2019

Dave Warden is the author of “Don’t Be That Guy: Career Advice from 30 Years Down the Road”. You can also read his blog which is comprised of over 11 years of this mans thoughts through countless ups and downs in business and

BeHigherBeings Podcast #002 Overcoming Addictions Part 2!
January 19, 2019

In this episode, I run through strides six through nine! I also go over what to do in your first 48 hours that will help bulletproof the changes you’re making!

BeHigherBeings 1st EVER Episode! Overcoming Addictions Part 1 of 2
January 16, 2019

In this episode, I explain where addictions come from and exactly how to make the epigenetic and neuroplastic changes needed to fully recover! Check me out everywhere by searching Neil Firszt. Since I’m the only Neil Firszt in the U.S., I won’t be hard to