Before You Quit

Before You Quit

Podcast Ep.129: The 20+ Year Pastor (Pastor Kevin Hurt)

May 03, 2024

We continue our series on the twenty-plus-year pastor. What keeps a pastor serving even when the road gets rough? How does one stay resilient during seasons of little growth, opposition and even disappointments and loss? Have you ever considered that pastoring can be mundane? How do you keep yourself passionate about preaching and shepherding? What a privilege to sit down with Pastor Kevin Hurt on his experience of pastoring in one church for 32 years.

Kevin was the founding pastor of Grace Bible Church in Mountain City, GA where he served as the senior pastor for 32 years prior to the successful transition to the new senior pastor. Following the transition he was privileged to remain at Grace Bible Church where he served for 3 years as the Associate Pastor under the new senior Pastor.

He has served in various counseling organizations, chairs various boards, and continues to lecture, teach and train other pastors and counselors in Biblical Counseling in the US as well as in Uganda & Ireland.

He currently is serving as the pastor of discipleship at Ebenezer Baptist Church.

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