Before You Quit

Before You Quit

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Podcast Ep.51: Transforming Power of the Gospel in Tragedy (Todd Adams)
September 18, 2019

Today’s topic will be raw and very real. The title was given to me by the person I am interviewing, Todd Adams. The power of the gospel that transforms lives in tragedy. This is the story, the testimony of a man who’s trust in Christ has been deepened ...

Podcast Ep.50: You Can Counsel Too! (Dr. Harold Rhoades)
September 04, 2019

 For years as a pastor and even since, I have loved counseling because I love to see people change. I love fighting for marriages. I do everything I can to keep couples from divorcing. I rejoice when couples who’ve been fighting and angry at each other...

Podcast Ep.49: The Gospel and GEN Z (Dan Boal, Director of Youth – The C&MA)
August 20, 2019

It strikes me sometimes, that the generation that we now call, Gen Z will be making decisions for people in my generation in the future. Having a granddaughter who is in the next generation makes me extremely motivated to understand all the generations...

Podcast Ep.48: Pastor, Let’s Talk Beatitudes (Pastor John Fogal)
August 06, 2019

CLICK HERE OR ON THE BOOK COVER ON RIGHT TO ORDER BOOK This will be a first for this podcast. But it will fit the vision of bringing courage and perspective when serving gets hard. I have the privilege today to discuss a portion of the Bible called the...

Podcast Ep.47: Learning Resilience in Ministry (Phil Howard and Jeff Gangel)
July 11, 2019

Let me start with an analogy that will help lead us into this conversation about disorientation in ministry. As a a pilot, one of the things I had to learn early on in my training was how to recover from a situation in flying called Spatial Disorientat...

Podcast Ep:46 Why There is Conflict in the Church – Pastor Steve Kerhoulus
June 21, 2019

Have you ever wondered why there is so often conflict in the church? On the surface, you would think that those who come together for a common purpose of worship and serving Jesus would all get a long, but its often not that way.

Podcast Ep.45: Helping Your Pastor Be The Best Pastor -Christopher Ash
June 06, 2019

“You and I have it in our power to demotivate our pastors, so that they are gradually ground down into a slough of despond from which they will be utterly unable to do us any good at all. But we also have it in our power so to cheer them,

Podcast Ep.44: Godly Character for a Godless World (Dr. Bob Myers president Toccoa Falls College)
April 23, 2019

In several ways this is a follow up to my last podcast, but perhaps broader. It’s been intriguing to me to observe so many changes in the past decade, and one thing in particular I am still trying to understand what to do with it.

Podcast Ep.43: Sexual Identity and the Gospel Response
March 31, 2019

 This is a needed conversation,  especially as the church, as we believers find ourselves trying to figure out our response to the moral dilemma impacting our society. We are no longer just preparing our people on how to respond to the issues of our wo...

Podcast Ep.42: Navigating Social Media -Trace Embry
March 27, 2019

Some times I wonder how well I would do raising children even teenagers today. Maybe all parents feel blessed that they are not having to raise children during this generation. Even those raising them now will likely say the same thing when their child...