Been All Around This World

Been All Around This World

Latest Episodes

S2 E2 - The Mississippi Hill Country, 1942-1978
September 21, 2019

An exploration of African-American musical traditions in the Mississippi Hill Country's Tate and Panola Counties

S2 E1 - The Southern Journey at 60
September 05, 2019

A survey of Alan Lomax and Shirley Collins' 1959 field-trip throughout the American South

S1 E7 - Sing Christmas
December 23, 2018

Songs of Christmas and the New Year

S1 E6 - Oh Freedom
August 06, 2018

Songs of Complaint and Protest

S1 E4 - Let Us Not Praise Famous Men
March 27, 2018

Songs of the Un- and Underknown

S1 E3 - Wave the Ocean, Wave the Sea
March 02, 2018

Dance tunes from Arkansas, Abruzzo, the Caribbean island of Dominica, Michigan's Upper Peninsula, a front porch in the North Carolina Piedmont (featuring Algia Mae Hinton, who passed last month), and an excerpt from the "Dancing Around the World" episo...

S1 E2 - Baby, It Must Be Love
February 13, 2018

A Valentine's Day special