Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

Accelerate Intelligent Patient and Provider Engagement

October 27, 2020

Health systems now compete on experience, ease of access, convenience, and transparency. In this podcast, hear a passionate discussion around gaining a competitive advantage and accelerating intelligent engagement in today’s highly competitive consumer-driven landscape. Intelligent engagement means pinpointing the right growth opportunities, predicting consumer healthcare needs, and knowing how best to engage throughout the healthcare journey with hyper-personalized, targeted strategies that lead to measurable financial and clinical outcomes.

This discussion will focus on how to:

· Develop a consumerism mindset to keep up with expectations.

· Guide hyper-targeted, personalize and intelligent engagement.

· Unify and connect technologies to centralize and automate the orchestration of the customer experience.

· Create the right systems of engagement to reduce overhead costs, improve care coordination, and make care more accessible.

This episode is sponsored by Healthgrades.