Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

Achieving interoperability for better patient care

February 13, 2019

Information silos in healthcare create significant barriers to achieving the core tenets of value-based care. Interoperability is essential for breaking down these silos and delivering clinicians a holistic view of patients. For hospitals and health systems looking to prioritize population health initiatives and meet the growing expectations of patients amid the rise of healthcare consumerism, leveraging technology to help achieve these aims is crucial. However, achieving true interoperability requires more than new technology — it also requires a change in culture.

To better understand what true interoperability looks like and how to get there, join Phil Morris, the director of the team of population health subject matter experts at Allscripts, and Michael Blackman, MD, a former assistant professor of medicine at the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine who currently provides medical leadership across the Allscripts CareInMotion suite, for a discussion on achieving interoperability.


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