Bebah’s High Life

Bebah’s High Life

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Randomness !!
March 03, 2019

Ya girl Bebah is back !! Going off on different topics !! Join in and send me ur opinions !! Reach me at --- Support this podcast:

Momo Challenge
February 27, 2019

It’s ya girl, Bebah !! Tonight’s bout MoMo !! Look out for the Momo Challenge. This is real and happening !! --- Support this podcast:

What we learned as parents
February 07, 2019

Parenting isn’t easy but u learn as you go. --- Support this podcast:

What we knew wish we knew when we was younger // Zodiac Talk //
January 31, 2019

I talk about things we wish we knew when we were younger. Looking into our zodiac birth chart. --- Support this podcast:

Intro to Bebah’s High Life
January 28, 2019

Get to see a bit of what you have to look forward to while listening to my podcast. --- Support this podcast: