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Beacons Podcast

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Nano '22: Stick a fork in it
December 01, 2022

Nano '22 is in the books and finished! Kat and Leah debrief about their nano experience this year and talk about how they are moving forward with writing in December.

Nano '22: Big push!
November 28, 2022

What is time and why does it? Week four in the books with some f'bombs and pie.

Nano '22: Deep in the word mines
November 22, 2022

Week three completed and Kat and Leah are deep in the word mines as they prep for the big push that is the last week of Nano. Everything looks fuzzy from here. Send donuts.

Nano '22: Still Oof
November 14, 2022

Two weeks into Nanowrimo 2022 and "oof" is the word of the day. Kat is doing great, Leah is up and down, but with an oof and a coffee, they keep going.

Nano '22: On Failure and Regrouping
November 07, 2022

Kat and Leah discuss their crap first week of Nanowrimo 2022 and how they are bouncing back into week two.

Nano '22: Preparation, Simplicity, and Forgiveness
October 28, 2022

National Novel Writing Month starts next week and Kat and Leah talk about how they are, or rather are not, preparing to enter the 50k word mines with the howling of the November winds at their beck an

Creating a Writing Life
October 10, 2022

Things we need to write ebb and flow. In this episode, Kat and Leah share their needs to create a writing life.

To Trope or not to Trope
October 03, 2022

In this episode about tropes (for real this time!), Kat and Leah talk about how they love tropes and how they approach them as both readers and writers.

On Being Consistent
September 03, 2022

With life ever conspiring to thwart creativity, Kat and Leah share how they keep things consistent in the writer's room and beyond.

Outlining and Why We (Now) Love It
September 01, 2022

On this first episode of Season Three (huzzah!), Kat and Leah talk about outlining their projects for success. It's not about tropes. That's later. Welcome back Beacons!