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Recruiting + Hiring Made Easy

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Interview with a Recruiter - Mike Press of The Judge Company
October 04, 2022

Recruiting is a crazy world, but sometimes I wonder how much it has changed since I was actively in the field. It has been my goal to talk to a current recruiter on this show and it has finally happened! I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mike Press

Weird Interview Questions
July 26, 2022

Asking the *right* questions during an interview is important on how to decide to hire an employee. If you have searched for anything to do with interviewing, you may have come across some bizarre questions that get asked by some companies. Today, we’re t

Another Awkward Conversation - Roe V. Wade
July 07, 2022

**Listener Discretion Recommended**As business owners, we are called to be leaders and address tough situations. Since the overturning of Roe V. Wade, there have been a lot of emotions and we are facing many changes ahead. This legal decision makes it an

Buzzwords in Recruiting - Do We Really Know What They Mean?
June 14, 2022

We all love good buzzwords. They help sum up what we are looking for in a candidate, so we use them everywhere: job postings, interviews, onboarding, etc. But do we really know what we are communicating when we use those seemingly harmless buzzwords? Toda

The Small Steps
March 29, 2022

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or are you feeling overwhelmed right now? It can be challenging to get anything done when we are pulled in so many directions. Our focus gets lost and we tend to react to get things done instead of processing our tasks and a

Terminations Done Correctly
December 14, 2021

Last weeks story about the Zoom Call where 900+ employees were let go brought up some important questions about terminations. What does a proper termination look like? How do you go about terminating an employee? When should you terminate an employee? Wh

Awkward Conversation
October 19, 2021

Were in crazy time folks. Today, Im addressing some awkward topics including COVID vaccines, inclusion & diversity and salary. At least one of these topics will come up in every interview you conduct, so lets talk about them and make them not-so-weird

Hiring for a Top Job in 2021 - Frontline Ecommerce Workers
April 07, 2021

LinkedIn published an article in January 2021 that discusses the top jobs in 2021 and some of the important skills needed for each job. While it is a great resource for job seekers, it made me wonder if employers know how to identify the qualities that th

❤️ to ❤️: Interview Questions
March 10, 2021

In this ❤️ to ❤️, I’m talking about interview questions. As an aspiring Journalist, I learned the value of asking the *right* questions and that helped me during my recruiting years. Today, we’re covering why interview questions are important. It’s some g

4 Things You Should Look for in Candidates
February 24, 2021

If youre overwhelmed by recruiting, listen up! Were breaking down 4 things you should look for in candidates to make your hiring decisions easy . These 4 things are important for any position in any field and industry and you can start looking f