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May 26, 2023

Episode 283

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Taking You Back To 5/22/2012 - where you would have found me having an interview with Melissa Cookston from Yazoo’s Delta Q and owner of Memphis Barbecue Company.  Back then we were talking about Yazoo’s winning the overall grand championship at the 2012 MIM…their 2nd overall world title at that point…and we also covered what all goes into this event. There is plenty of things that need to happen before the actual cooking starts so, if you aren’t familiar with what all is needed to get ready to cook, then you will want to check the show out on Friday. 

BTW, I don’t know if you heard this or not…but there was a story released towards the end of last week announcing Melissa’s retirement from competition cooking…It also looked like she did a few TV interviews talking about it as well…so the winningest woman in competition BBQ has called it a career…looks like I will have to reach out and see if she wants to come back on and talk about the “career that was” and what she looks to do moving forward.

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