The BBQ Central Show

The BBQ Central Show

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May 12, 2023

Episode 281

Taking You Back To You’ll be hearing from him live in 2 weeks…but this Friday’s show features a BBQ legend, BBQ Hall of Fame’er and a BBQ Central Show Guest Hall of Fame’er book author, TV personality and 5 time overall world grand champion at Memphis in May, Chris Lilly of Big Bob Gibson’s! In 2011, BBG notched its then 3rd overall world title at MIM…they have since won 2 additional overall world titles which has them deadlocked with another MIM legend…Myron Mixon. So, as we sit about a week and change away from the 2023 MIM contest…it will be nice to hear what Chris and the team went through 13 years ago

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Original Air Date: 5/17/2011

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