The BBQ Central Show

The BBQ Central Show

It Not About What's Safer; It's About What's Less Risky!

May 09, 2023

9:14pm - The second Tuesday of the month launces with our pal from, Meathead! Last week, Sam The Cooking Guy and I got into a nonsense conversation about eating raw foods and which might be safer to eat over the other. I mentioned "Mrs. Meathead" during our segment and then I asked the actual Meathead if she might weigh in on this topic and he's ready to go with all kinds of info tonight. We might also hit on the progress of his new book as well to see if it's still on track or not!

9:35pm - After Meathead, I will be joined by contributing editor to Southern Living Magazine, Robert Moss. Yesterday, the 10 BBQ Hall of Fame finalists were announced and we will go a bit further in depth on how these names were arrived upon and maybe we will also pontificate on what the class of 4 might look like. We will also hit the topic of "Brunswick Stew", get the history of it and also learn about other stews that are in the same realm.

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