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The BBQ Central Show

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April 28, 2023

Episode 279

Taking you back to 4/28/2015 – Featuring the pitmaster of Hot Wachulas competition team, Matt Barber…who also happens to be the owner of the Hot Wachulas co-packing business as well. Back in 2015, Matt Barber was on a tear that few have experienced…between FBA and KCBS events, he had won 10 events inside of 5 months…which was an incredible feat. We talked about the run he was on at the time and what it’s like to burn that hot for that long. Matt has been a guest on this show for years…and we have spent a lot of time on competition talk and we have also spent a lot of time talking about BBQ business…specifically sauce and rub business. So if you aren’t familiar with Matt Barber, this will be a great introduction for you coming up this Friday!

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Original Air Date: 4/28/2015

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