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The BBQ Central Show

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September 15, 2023

Episode 299

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Taking you back to - 9/29/2015 - The owner of South Side market, Bryan Bracewell, was my guest back then. Some of you might know that South Side is the oldest BBQ joint in Texas. Bryan talks about the beginnings of South Side, the past owners and then how his family bought it and 47 years later (from back in 2015) have grown the business into what it is today. 

We also talked about his trip to Japan and how BBQ was being leveraged to increase the export of American beef over to Japan…at that time, BBQ was a big driver in that part of the business happening and Bryan was brought over to showcase American BBQ along with American beef being the product to make it with. Very interesting conversation…especially since some of the best beef cuts and grades are coming from Japan…both then and now!

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