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September 08, 2023

Episode 298

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Taking you back to 9/11/2012 - 6 days from now we will be at the 22nd anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001…22 years!!! I end the show every week calling out the date and making sure I tell you that “I will never forget”...I hope that you will never forget…but the bottom line is, as time passes, and those of us who “lived it” begin to die off…it will ultimately become a moment in time only to be learned about or watched on YouTube or through researching and the reading online news articles from that time.  

My oldest was 4 months old…she doesn’t remember that…so her generation is really the first ones who don’t remember it happening live…which means the connection to that event dies with me…dies with you…dies with those who are old enough to remember that day and how it made you feel inside...SCARED, unsafe, threatened, wondering what is going to happen next…having gone through the pandemic and 9/11…from my end of things…you can’t compare them…so different! I was never “scared” or felt”unsafe” during the pandemic…maybe because I am a simpleton…maybe because the world was also going through it…who knows…but when September 11th happened…that was different. I am not foolish enough to think this won’t become like every other major event in U.S. history…one you just read about…but I lived this one…so I want people to know about it and never forget about what happened that day!

So Friday you will hear my thoughts and my look back on that event, which at that time, was 11 years after the attack.

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