Latest Episodes

BBLiveShow Episode 40 - ADOBONANZA!!!!
September 17, 2009

It's an Adobeshop smackdown between @petefic, @thewizard, and @kuhan! Who will win???

BBLiveShow Episode 39 - World Record Episode
September 08, 2009

We break all manner of world records live on the air!

BBLiveShow Episode 37 - GGame Night
August 12, 2009

We make Digg our bitch by breaking their algorithm and get a viewer submitted video to the front page of Digg.

BBLiveShow Episode 36 - The Second Lost Episode
August 05, 2009

The Second Lost Episode welcomed Ryan and Timmy from Film Riot and was broadcast from the iTricks HQ in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

BBLiveShow Episode 35 - We F**k Your S**t, Guaranteed!
July 23, 2009

Will the creation of Professor Alfred Singleton hold up to the masses of BBLiveShow or will everything go into a fire? And Brian is getting rid of the spikes?

BBLiveShow Episode 34 - Never Have I Ever Been Pimping
July 17, 2009

We go back to our college days and play a round of "Never Have I Ever," followed up with viewing some amazing "Ahh, Pimping" submissions from the viewers.

BBLiveShow Episode 33 - Best. BBLiveShow. Ever.
July 08, 2009

Best. BBLiveShow. Ever. Claims to be the best episode of the BBLiveShow. There needs no explaining. Just watch it.

BBLiveShow Episode 32 - Internet Scavenger Hunt #1
July 02, 2009

We award 4 big prizes for our first internet-wide scavenger hunt.

BBLiveShow Episode 31 - The Lost Episode
June 29, 2009

The lost episode of the BBLiveShow with Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young, Brett "Amtrekker" Rounsaville, @captmg, and Patrick Delahanty.