World Series of Politics

World Series of Politics

Episode 24: Victor Rocha on California’s betting ballot measure

December 18, 2023

The industry was shocked when a new mobile betting ballot measure landed in California after last year’s bruising fight, but tribes are up for the next battle's Victor Rocha tells the World Series of Politics.

Rocha, one of the most eloquent and influential voices in the Indian Gaming Association, tells Brendan Bussmann and Robin Harrison how any 2024 battle will shake out. 

‘Smoke and mirrors’

“It’s insulting,” Rocha says of the new ballot measure, arguing it looks to drive a wedge between Californian gaming and non-gaming tribes. A set of amendments doesn’t make it any more palatable - “It’s all smoke and mirrors.”

“These guys are not listening, because they don’t care. They want to go forward and they are shocked they don’t see Indians running towards them throwing flowers at their fleet.”