Lone Tudor crusader

Lone Tudor crusader

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Finally a chat with Adrienne Dillard!
October 07, 2021

first and foremost, I apologize for the sound quality in this episode.  All on my part!  Im looking to have it taken care for our next episodeNow, We spoke with Adrienne about her book "The Ravens Widow" a book about Jane Boleyn that gives a c

A lovely chat with the one and only CLAIRE RIDGEWAY!!!!!!!
September 10, 2021

Annechien and Amy do some bigtime fan-girling over Claire, and then we dig in for the juicy stuff!

Gareth Russell stops by to talk with the Crusaders!
July 29, 2021

Gareth Russell, author of "Young Damned and Fair", "Ship of Dreams" and Host of "Single Malt History" podcast makes the Crusaders Day as he talks Catherine Howard, Titanic, growing up in Ireland, and much more!

All things Catherine Howard!
July 23, 2021

before they meet with Author of "Young Damned and Fair" Gareth Russel, Amy and Annechien talk all things Catherine Howard

Just to give you an update
June 02, 2021

Annechien and I have not disappeared! Here is an update!

The Pretenders (not the band) Pt 2
April 05, 2021

Part two of the technically challenged "pretenders" episodes!we truly apologize for the bumps in these two episodes! 

The Pretenders (not the band) Pt 1
April 05, 2021

Join Annechien and Amy as they discuss (and go off topic) the two most famous pretenders in the world; Perkin Warbeck and Lamnert Simnel*disclaimer*We had a load of technical difficulties and we truly apologize!

The Princes In the Tower
March 22, 2021

Join Amy and Annechein break down the all the pieces of the greatest murder mystery in the world...The princes in the Tower!!!

Bored on Wednesday... let’s recast a movie
March 03, 2021

Bare with us.... I year into a pandemic