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Bards of Gaming

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Bog Ep5 - Megan Carnes
May 21, 2019

Episode Notes Megan Carnes joins us to chat about her musical life and the launch of her recent game Inter-View. Elijah and Megan write a piano piece together for Game of Bards. Follow @GameOfBards Find Megan: @megancomposer megan

BoG Ep4 - Benjamin Goldman
April 25, 2019

Episode Notes Benjamin Goldman shares stories composing for a variety of projects. Elijah and Ben play GAME OF BARDS. Find Ben: Anna De Cicco Art: decicco

BoG Ep3 - Josie Brechner aka Visager
February 26, 2019

Episode Notes Josie Brechner aka Visager shares stories about working on EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER, as well as a variety of other projects including a Nintendo Switch release! Follow the podcast @GameofBards on Twitter Find Josie:

BoG Ep2 - Medhat Hanbali
January 30, 2019

Episode Notes Medhat Hanbali joins Elijah to talk about his music for a vast array of genres, including games, film, tv, pop music, and other multimedia. Follow us @GameOfBards on Twitter Find Medhat: @medhathanbali on Twitter Anna De

BoG Ep1 - Amélie Bouita
January 15, 2019

Episode NotesComposer Amlie Bouita shares her experience working on music and sound for a diverse range of games. podcast is powered by Pinecast.