Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Starry Sky Visualization with poem Cats of the Solar System

February 02, 2023

This visualization is connected to the Green Comet making its closest approach to earth in 50,000 years. Julie Potiker completes the meditation with her poem, "Cats of the Solar System, 2/1/20223".

Cats of the Solar System, 2/1/2023 by Julie Potiker

It makes me feel dreamy.

Considering that 50 thousand years ago

Humans gazing at the heavens

Glimpsed the Green Comet aglow.

The same comet visiting us

Tonight and tomorrow night

February 1st and 2nd.

Yes, that’s right!

I hope it is bright.

I never knew

That those in the know

Call comets, Space Cats!

How divine.

A feline traveling through space

And time.

Their long tresses

Heated by the sun.

Transformed to gasses.

Star dust seen by everyone.

But only if you are looking.

I like to imagine

Children throughout time

Faces raised to the stars

Brimming with awe

At the magic of the comet.

It’s cat tail informing their path here on earth

Like Halley and Kepler.

So tonight and tomorrow night

As we lift our gaze

We can visualize

In our minds eye

We… Us

All the Inhabitants of planet earth

Welcoming the Cat from the Oort Cloud

Once in our lifetime.

Cats of the Solar System, 2/1/2023 by Julie Potiker

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