Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Moments of Ease - Loving Kindness Meditation

November 02, 2022

Julie Potiker leads you in this loving kindness meditation where you'll relax into moments of ease. She completes the meditation with a reading of the poem, "Let Me Begin Again," by Major Jackson.

Let Me Begin Again, by Major Jackson

Let me begin again as a quiet thought

in the shape of a shell slowly examined

by a brown child on a beach at dawn

straining to see their future. Let me begin

this time knowing the drumming in my dreams

is me inheriting the earth, is morning

lighting up the rivers. Let me burn

my vanities: old music in the pines, sifters

of scotch, a day moon like a signature

of night. This time, let me circle

the island of my fears only once then

live like a raging waterfall and grow

a magnificent mustache. Let me not ever be

the birdcage or the serrated blade or

the empty season. Dear Glacier, Dear Sea

of Stars, Dear Leopards disintegrating

at the outer limits of our greed; soon we will

encounter you only in motivational tweets.

Reader, I should have married you sooner.

This time, let me not sleep like the prophet who

believes he’s seen infinity. Let me run

at break-neck speeds toward sceneries

of doubt. I have no more dress rehearsals

to attend. Look closer: I am licking my lips.

Let Me Begin Again, by Major Jackson

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